Path constraint and sop level raycast

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Hola, newbie question…..

Simple task, drive a vehicle over a piece of terrain.

For ease of use the vehicle needs to follow a curve then stick itself to the terrain surface. Either of these things appear simple but together appears (to my beginner eyes) impossible.

My rig to stick something to a simple piece of terrain was a simple grid with 4 points, into a transform node then raycast down onto the terrain…. Use the transform node to drive around. Simple…. Now I want to use a curve to drive the position of the 4 point grid… but unsurprising to you all it's not working because of the old object level / sop level thing.

So how would you go about it?

Somehow extract the position and rotation of something constrained to the path and feed that in to grids position?

Any ideas or suggestions?


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