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So I've been looking for some time on the internet how to do this seemingly straight-forward thing.

I have a pretty simple particle sim with a copy to points to attach a plane to each particle. Particles move a little with a popforce inside a pop network and thats it.

I want to export this simulation into UE4 with the plane attached to the particles.

I tried:

- The gamedev “rbd to fbx” node and try to make it work with particles, I couldnt make it work.

- Export it as FBX, in Maya it works but in UE4 it exports it as a Static Mesh.

I wanna know if theres a way to export the particle sim into UE4 so I can use the planes to attach any texture I want.

Also if theres a way to bake the simulation as an animation with keyframes or something like that (not cache to disk).

Thanks in advance!
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