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Hey everyone,

I'm doing a flip fluid simulation. The concept is 2 type of chocolates on donut & sprinkles in the end. I'm using two emitters with different viscosity & density. I also added some RBD packed geometry for sprinkles. Fluid sim is going good but as soon as RBD sprinkles hit the fluid, they are bouncing off. Bounce setting on sprinkles in (0). I tried changing density, friction even increasing substeps but nothing is working.
Can anyone tell me what is going wrong here?
I've attached project file, screenshot & a flipbook render with this.

PS : Sorry for the incomplete flipbook but you can see the problem I'm having at the end of it.
Hey, I could not check your file very thoroughly since I am on my laptop but I do see your feedback scale is set to 0 and that is probably why you are getting that issue.
Thanks for replaying. I did try to increase feedback scale but it's not still working.
I looked into your object and I think your issue is using packed objects which go nuts with flip fluids.
Somewhere I read that you can use the fractured RBD shelf tool, to generate a large number of hero RBDs that interact with flip fluids.
does anyone find solution for this im having the same problem..
help me
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