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I can only tell you about how its intended to work.. its not a "continuous" live link.... the hda builds the instructions, fires it at rizom, which launches, executes the instructions, closes, and sends the result back to Houdini. I build the original HDA before handing it off to labs, and its always been intended to work that way. In the processor, you could turn off autoquit, but for what you are asking for, its not meant for it.

I don't see Luiz's video showing anything different.
Oliver Hotz
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On my side I try to evaluate it for a game production and each time it send data to rizom, process it and 1 time on 2, it close without sending back the result. I tried version 2020, 2020.1, 2022, same problem. anyone get this kind of behavior and find a fix ?
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