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Seems like the Substance COP has been debugged in the very latest release of the SideFX Labs tools - at least I can at last get the Base Color channel out of it. The Substance SOP hasn't yet been tweaked to use Base Color.

Will look more as time allows.
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It's not pretty, lol, but at least I was able to get it to show up now using the channel copy method someone had in one of the attached hip's.

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Hi. Is the SideFX Labs Substance COP working at this point?

I'm using Houdini Indie 18.0.416 and just updated to the latest build of SideFX Labs (says ‘Release 603).

I added a default cube.
Linked that to a Labs UV Unitize beta node.
And linked that to Labs Substance Material Beta.
If I go inside of the Substance node, the copnet shows an error symbol and clicking that red triangle with exclamation mark reveals: “Error: houdini copnet failure to bake rasters - warning no planes matched expression when trying to use sbsar file

I’ve tried testing with a basic cube and a grid and with multiple SBSAR files but can't get anything working. The object stays white within the viewport and render as pink in Mantra when adding a default camera.

Houdini console shows lots of Unable to load texture warnings
Generating new icons…
Done generating new icons.
Qt Warn: External WM_DESTROY received for QWidgetWindow(0x12689bee0, name=”RE_WindowWindow") , parent: QWindow(0x0) , transient parent: QWindow(0x0)
mantra: Unable to load texture ‘op:/obj/box_object1/substance_material1/copnet/HEIGHT’
mantra: Unable to load texture ‘op:/obj/box_object1/substance_material1/copnet/NORM’
mantra: Unable to load texture ‘op:/obj/box_object1/substance_material1/copnet/DIFF’
mantra: Unable to load texture ‘op:/obj/box_object1/substance_material1/copnet/METAL’
mantra: Unable to load texture ‘op:/obj/box_object1/substance_material1/copnet/ROUGH’

Thanks for any help or suggestions.
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