Accessing TOPs attributes in SOPs outside the TOP network

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Hi there,

I'm using a TOPs network to wedge a bunch of parameters on a sim.
The wedge count may vary depending on what I'm doing and what I'd like to do is have a procedural way in SOPs land to load the simulated geo back in and merge the variations and process them in various ways.. and to do that I think I need a procedural way to know how many wedges were run in TOPs.
Is there a way I can use Hscript or Python expression or VEX to query a node in the TOPs graph and find say the max value of the @wedgeindex attribute?

While I'm here I'd also like to ask if there's a procedural way to get the list of all my wedged attributes and their types?
I might have two wedge TOP nodes chained together wedging float and vector values.. what I'd love to do in SOPs is get the list of wedged attributes and the data types of those wedges with a Python expression if that's possible?

Also let me know if I'm thinking about this entirely the wrong way

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There's no built in function to get all the wedged attributes and types, however you could dump whatever metadata you need using `csvoutput` and then read that back during or after the TOP cook in SOPs using `tableimport`.
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