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Full Version: About LOD and Mesh Collider components!!
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Hello, everyone!!I was thinking, in the case of objects with lods, I would just want lod0 with Mesh Collider components.It didn't work out…I don't know if you have a good way to just have lod0 with Mesh Collider components, thank you, thank you.
Attached are screenshots and HDA
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I don't believe it is possible to just have lod0 with collider. You might be able to write a callback script that can move the component from the parent to the lod0 gameobject: []
about LOD, i'm looking for a tutorial or something like that to set correctly my asset in houdini, and so, have automatically my LOd done in unity.

i've done that before (a long time ago) but now , when i do like before (group lod, lod1, etc… + attributes lod_screensizes) that don't work.

if someone have a link (i've a look in houdini help but i've find nothing ),


i've find nothing “except ” that… []

i've done something wrong but i don't know what…

ok, find !
i'll need to wake up before working. with closed eyes it's too hard…
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