How can I move objects on Y axis while using Grid Snapping?

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Hi everyone! I'm looking for some help.

I want to be able to move objects in 0.25 unit increments using the move handles, along X, Y, and Z axis.

I've turned on the grid snapping, it works great for X/Z movement, but it prevents me from lifting the objects off of the reference plane(the grid I see in the viewport), when I move the object it drops it onto this plane, setting it's Y coordinate to 0. But what I want is to move objects in 3 dimensions, along Y axis as well, I just want it to be discrete, snapping every 0.25 units.

Grid Snapping has an option called “Depth Snapping”, it seems like turning it off should allow me to move objects along Y axis, but it makes no difference…

Can you guys help me out?
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