AMD GPU PRO drivers vs kernel drivers for Houdini with Linux

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In the past i had to install the pro variant GPU driver for my AMd rx570 card to run with Houdini.
I had some issues once i installed H18 so i went back to the kernel driver and now im having no issues .
Thats first for me i dont recall being able to do this in the past.

I was wondering if someone has any suggestions if i should be on the kernel driver or one of the options listed
of the pro variant []

I think i used to install the “headless” option in the past .
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Kernel driver is mostly OK, however it sometimes crashes (everything) when using Houdini spread over 2 monitors.
Also bringing up the ‘about Houdini’ dialog will crash Houdini18… which might trigger a hilarious contest-of-will with support.‎
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