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Dear all, I'm trying to prepare a proposal for a book about Scientific Application of Houdini. The idea is to cover both the visualization and also simulation tools and their use in a scientific environment.
If you are interested in the topic please contact me. I need feedback on the idea in order to l be able to develop a more defined draft. Also I will be glad to exchange opinions/ideas on this topic.
Sounds exciting, I'm not a scientist, but I'd love to check it out.

Personally, I'm the most curious about combining Houdini with DL.

Like in this talk [], Anastasia Opara talks about using DL to speed up terrain generation.

Also check out some interesting visualizations [](also made by her).

Feel free to email me to
ben simons
The UTS Data Arena (Sydney Australia) has used Houdini for Data Viz since it opened in 2015.

Here's one example - the visualisation of bacteria. Images from a microscope (one per second)
were recorded and processed (Matlab) to locate and track bacteria, to better understand how
they travel (is it Stigmergy?) and communicate. []

There's more on the site. The Sydney Water pipe point-cloud was also processed in Houdini. []

This is very interesting, but I have no scientific background. I would be curios anyway to read it.

What is the target audience?

Personally, I'm the most curious about combining Houdini with DL.

This is a very good video a saw on Entagma : []
They are using scientific data bank and make the visualization. Amazing !
Presented by : Dr. Jeroen Claus of Phospho, a biologist and expert in visualizing molecular structures.
I'll be following this post.
This is a subject of interest to me.
I am still at the beginning of learning Houdini, but improving and I love this software and his elegant interface.
I'm one of the instructors of the Coursera MOOC posted above. SideFX also conducted this interview with a coworker and me about our sciviz work in Houdini:

I'd be happy to be involved!
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