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Full Version: Can't get attributes to Unity with HEU_OutputAttributesStore
Root » Houdini Engine for Unity » Can't get attributes to Unity with HEU_OutputAttributesStore
Hi, I'm following this: [] documentation to transfer some integer attributes to Unity, but no data arrives in Unity.
I have tried multiple different attributes and tried to replicate the version in the documentation 1:1, but I can't get it to work.
What am I missing? Can anyone confirm this working or maybe provide a working example file?

I tried out your hda. There should be an HEU_OutputAttributesStore component on the generated GameObject. This is different from the internal AttributesStore that the plugin uses for paint and editable nodes. See the screenshot.
Hi Seelan,

I do have this component, but it does not seem to contain any data at all (see attached image).
I'm on Unity 2020.1.0b5
Nicolas Fisch
I am having the same issue here. Can somebody help me?
Ah I see the problem. Since it stored as dictionary, on code domain reload, its being cleared. This will be fixed in next daily build (Houdini 18.0.472).
I downloaded this HDA as well, but cannot get it to cook with an HEU_OutputAttributesStore component either. Has the issue been resolved yet?
Did you try with Houdini 18.0.472 or newer?
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