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I setting the heightfield size 1024*1024. I will got size 1026*1026 in unity. But when I cooked(TopNetwork), The size will change to 1024*1024. How to use the final size result(1024) to round trip between engines?

Which version of Houdini are you using? Also, is this through the PDG Asset Link, and loading the generated bgeo in Unity?
I use 18.0.418 ver.
yes, I use HDA creat the terrain first, Then use the ROP geometry output node to export bgeo file.
Finally, add them to the PDG process.
Once the terrain is added to the cook process,it will change size to 1024.I can't have them to round trip between the two engines again.
I believe this to be a bug with the HEU_GeoSync not generating the HFs with the recent changes using corner sampling. Please attach a generated bgeo file if possible. I'll update this post when I fix it.

This is bgeo file. I think we load the bgeo file generated by PDG Asset Link ,In unity the size should be power of 2 + grid spacing.
If the size doesn't change. They won't be able to round trip between the engines.
So the PDG asset link generates the final file also satisfies the rules of corner sampling?

In addition, I export output geo and load geo file in unity, Each round trip to unity and disk. The size of the terrain will be subtracted by 2.(1026 1024 1022 1020…).Is this normal?

Thanks for your patient reply

have good day!
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