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Full Version: How to improve the performances of the plugin?
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I'm struggling to use the Houdini Engine for Unity properly because the performances are really poor:
Using a simple sweep not to generate a tube from a curve and packing it as an HDA is already very slow to use in Unity: it takes a good 2 to 3 seconds for the HDA to refresh after changing the curve or changing the radius of the tube.

How can I improve the performances of the plugin? Does this has something to do with my hardware, or with the version of Unity, or is it just the expected speed?

I am running the Unity project and Houdini on the same SSD drive, and I am using a rather dense Unity scene, but only this one simple HDA: am I missing something?

Sounds like for such a simple asset, it should be fairly fast to cook and generate geometry. Usually the slow down comes from large geometry (lots of vertices or polys), generating textures, large number of parameters, or using dense input geometry. Does the slow down happen for all HDAs for you or just the one?

Please attach the HDA or submit a bug report with it, and I can take a look.
I don't generate textures or use a lot of parameters, and I think the poly count is reasonable with this one. The slow down happens for pretty much all my HDAs, although more for the ones that use a lot of parameters, as you said.

I attached the HDA here, although as you will see it's as simple as it gets
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