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Full Version: unity to houdini debugging issue
Root » Houdini Engine for Unity » unity to houdini debugging issue
Hi all,

Hoping someone might be able to clear up my issue.
When I debug my unity scene in houdini nothing shows up.
The only node I get is a subnetwork called GlobalNodes.
Essentially an empty scene. What am I overlooking here?

Hope someone can help out.
Debug > Open Scene In Houdini will launch a new Houdini with your current session saved out as a HIP file. Its not a live connection to the current session.

To get a live session, you have to launch Houdini first and connect to it from Unity. So after launching Houdini go into Windows > Houdini Engine Debugger. Start a pipe session.

Then in Unity, close your current Houdini Engine session. Then connect to the Houdini debugger: Houdini Engine > Session > Connect To Debugger > Pipe Session.

See []
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