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Hi, another question, I am running chained simulations where I have a series of objects on fire, so I am running each object's pyro simulation as a wedge and caching those out to disk. So far, got that working in PDG with a ropFetch chained to a wedge node, now I also want for each of those sims/wedges to run a POP sim for embers that are advected by the velocity field of the pyro sim that was previously computed and written to disk.

how do I wire this up in PDG so the pyro sim rop finishes each wedge, and then kicks off the particle sim rop write? I think i need some sort of partition node after the first rop write? but not sure which one to use or how to set it up.

plugging in anothther ropFetch to the output of the first ropFetch ended up giving me frameRange X framerange frames which is obviously not what I want.

This is probably pretty simple?, but I haven't run across any examples of this yet in my googling.

In general, PDG nodes apply their procedure for each input work item. The second ROP Fetch should have it's “Evaluating Using” parameter set to “Single Frame”. That way, the second ROP Fetch will create one work item per input work item. Some of the examples in $HH/pdg/examples/top_rop/ may be useful to you – they have chains of multiple ROP nodes.
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