Hello, I'm trying to accumulate an attribute inside a recursive loop.

I have a geo that enters a feedback loop multiple times and takes modifications.

The loop is in feedback mode so it uses the result of the last loop to modify the geo again.

I have an attribute that changes over time before that loop, and I want, for each iteration in the loop to be able to accumulate this attribute before I modify the geo (because the modifications uses this attribute ).

to get something like:

-accum input attribute

-change input with accumulated attribute

-accum first loop iteration attribute

-modify first loop iteration with accumulated attribute

-accum second loop iteration attribute

-modify second loop iteration with accumulated attribute

I can not share what I'm trying to achieve, but there is a super simple example file that demonstrates the goal. (I now that in the example I just could put everything outside the loop, it's just for demonstration)

The solver inside the loop kind of work, but become suupppeerrr slow with more complex stuff.

Does anyone have an idea how to do this ?

Thank you