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Im testing houdini for some Technical animation that uses lots of Catia files. Seeing that houdini cant import .Cat natively Im trying to import an fbx instead. Its a 400MB file and looks like houdini isnt capable to do it, or at least its not capable in 5-6 hours its been working on it. I come from a 3dsmax background, and there Ive been capable to import an 3gb fbx, so I didnt think this could be a problem. What Im doing wrong? My pc is an 9900k + 32 GB RAM, a nice one.
I've opened .fbx files as large a 1.5Gb Sounds like perhaps there could be something wrong with your .fbx file. How are you doing the import?
Francisco Javier Simón Te
Hi, thanks for your attention.
I tried with the import filmbox FBX,(it gets stuck).Then I tried with the file node, and I got an “out of memory” message. I know my RAM is not too much but the fbx is not SO big, in fact I tried first this 400 MB file because I thought the 3GB would be too much to start.
I know the fbx is ok, I imported it before in 3dsmax and pixyz software and works well, but maybe houdini prefers some specific FBX version?

Thanks in advance!
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