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Full Version: VEX Web Docs Cause Blindness.
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Who decided it would be a good idea to grey out the navigation column when the mouse is over the main page in the VEX docs?

My eyes want to have words with them, when they eventually un-squint themselves.
agree totally, maybe a 12 yo kid designed this…an old man wouldn't have designed it this way.
Don't see what the issue is. If you want to change the page content your going to have to move your mouse over the list of items anyways. Greying out is actually a ‘nice’ touch IMO; Old man speaking here btw.
Plenty of grey in my hair, and I've never had an issue with the column greying out. Never even registered in my head as something noteworthy, in fact. I had to load up the page right now to see what was being described.
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