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Full Version: Group SOP Primitive selects faces or objects at times
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when using the Group SOP, sometimes when I have it set to primitives, it selects individual faces so I end up with face indicies like 1-100 200-201 etc and other times it treats each connected set of faces in an objects as a primitive, so head could have an index 0, body could be 1 etc.

I see this different for a rest object of a character vs the animated model of the character. Any ideas why? It makes them incompatible in a point deform.


packed vs unpacked ?

- add a mocapbiped3
- object merge into geo context, point it to /obj/mocapbiped3/geo_skin
- group 0 (prims) will get you the shirt

Now add convert after the merge

group 0 is no longer a shirt but some poly…you find it!

(note the group shirt is still there tho)

it was unpacked and I did not find a solution as is, but by adding an attribute for object name that contained each primitive of the individual objects of the alembic file, I have a better way of creating splits and groups that does not rely on unchanging index numbers. I can use string wildcards etc.

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