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Sorry if my english is not perfect.

I have a creature generator made with Blender and writen in Python. I'm trying to recreate the same generator in Houdini.

I'm facing an issue when it comes to create a Procedural Rig. I want to create bones in the same time that I perform Extrude on the model.
In Blender I just had to create a bone and set the “Head” and “Tail” position and set the parent.

I can't find a similar way to achieve this in Houdini.

Do you have a better workflow that will fit better with Houdini ?

Thank you
Hi, unknown user,

there are several approaches to creating a bone “heading” for the “right” direction. One way is to use a lookat-constraint (pointing to your target position), which would, obviously, limit the way you can handle the rig.
You could, however, use a lookat, grab the world transformation matrix, extract the rotation and put that into your bone's pretransform, then delete the lookat (basically “cheating” your way around constructing the matrix yourself).
Or you construct the transform matrix from head/tail positions, extract rotation values and write them to the bone.

Many ways … the “best” depends on your specific needs.


Thank you very much for your answer.

I think look at constraint is what I'm looking for. I will look into it.

I don't need to animate the creature, I just need a rig to setup a Ragdoll in Unity on the generated Creature.

Thank you very much !
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