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Full Version: Getting weird results with Polybevel
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Hello, I am new to Houdini and going thru a udemy course right now, but getting weird result that's happening with polybevel on the recent build (18.0.445)

Here I have used boolean to create the edge group for the bevel.

Here's the result with slide on ring edge set to Always

Here's the result with slide on ring edge set to Auto

Setting stop at ring edges gives me a clean edge but the bevel becomes uneven.

It seems like this should be a pretty simple operation, especially when the older version of Houdini in the course handles it no problem. Any help would be much appreciated!
Tried replicating without any luck, need to see a hipfile.
Thanks for your spending time on this, cpb.

I have attached the hip file with the embedded digital assets.

Gunchunks asset didn't load, not unlocked or extracted.
Let's try this again if you don't mind!

its behaving properly: the bevel will only slide its own (new) points, not other points that are in the way, as is the case with the nearby points causing problems here. You can fix the problem by target-welding those out, but doing this every time will get tedious.
Was going to suggest a different approach but the file has become unstable…

You can also try doing the bevels at the end of the process, avoiding the problem by doing them in a certain sequence, or using a scaling attribute.
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