Error in tutorial?

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Hi everyone,

while following the tutorial about Material Based Destruction, the Step 6 is named “Intra-Material Constraints (Studs to Wall)”. I think there is some confusion about using the words “Intra” and “Inter”. Here first sentence says:

“The RBD Material Fracture SOPs have created the inter-material constraints. These are the constraints that define the strength of the bonds between the pre-fractured geometry. For example, how strong and resistant to fracture the drywall is.”

– I think there is a confusion between “Intra” and “Inter”. Here it is about constraining one material to other material which should be “Inter” (Between). And when it talks about the RBD Material Fracture node I think here “Intra” (which means “Inside”) should be used, because the bond is inside the material holding the material's pieces together.

Since this tutorial is technical and the result is dependent on the accuracy of steps, it should be as clear as possible, especially for beginners. Thank you for your attention.

The link to online version is below: []
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