Moxie - Short Film (Progress Thread)

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MOXIE - “force of character, determination, or energy.”

This is a personal project that I'm using to pass the time - I lost my first studio job as an animator and figured I'd teach myself Houdini and make a short film while I wait for the next gig. This is section 1 and there will be 7 sections total!

This section features my first few renders made with the help of Houdini. The visual theme is “Space” and conceptually I want to invoke the feelings of “Chaos to Order”, baby steps while I get the hang of things. The technical areas that I am focusing on are handling particles and VDBs from Houdini and composition/cinematography overall. The narrative will evolve as other sections are finished. I am using Houdini to bake particle simulations and rendering with Cinema 4D/Octane. Compositing is done in After Effects.

My process so far has been to write the music first, block out an animatic of different scenes and camera movements and then start on first passes. I'll start on the next section while I wait for critiques and incorporate edits whenever my computer frees up again. I have set a deadline for 3 months, hoping to get this done by November or End-of-year. Any thoughts or critiques are most appreciated! Since I am self teaching myself, I will also use this thread for any questions I may have as well as progress images. As far as critiques go, I've only had Houdini for a few months but I've been a motion designer for a couple of years now - still pretty new but no need to hold back on me!

Hope everyone is staying safe out there!

Take care, more soon.
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