Mixamo import questions -context, motion blur and textures

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Hi all.

I've searched this but can't seem to find a clear answer. Super noob question.

Mixamo imports. Its a simple scene: One character with an animation from Mixamo.

So apparently I have 2 ways to import FBX as I can see:

If I import in the Obj level using the File/Import/FBX menu, it brings in the textures fine but I can't seem to find a Motion blur setting that works with this. The character has textures but no motion blur in the render.

If I create a Geo node and do an Agent import inside it - it doesn't seem to bring in the textures but I can activate “blur” in the render menu of the Geo node so by this method seem to get motion blue but no textures. (literally the opposite)

So my questions are:

Can I get motion blur on the FILE/IMPORT/FBX so that the motion captured file is generating blur?


Can I get the Agent FBX import textured simply (there's a lot of textures on this character - surely there is a simple way to do this?)

Basically I want textures

Thank you

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|Yeah as another noob I am struggling with this too. Agent node also allows me to use blendshapes and all that fun stuff and I can see fbx material names in the geometry spreadsheet.
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I am having similar issues. When I import a mixamo fpx files it appears to come in but I can't see it at all?!. I tried this in 18, 18.5 and used an Fbx that worked perfectly in cinema.
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FBX Character import is what you want to use for a rigged/skinned character from Mixamo.

https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/sop/kinefx–fbxcharacterimport.html [www.sidefx.com]

SideFX is also slowly releasing some KineFX tutorial videos in their tutorials section

https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/ [www.sidefx.com]
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