First VEX lines!!!

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A few years back when I designed the logo for my studio, I had a hard time coloring it.
I just could not figure out the correct interpolation of colors (you'll see why when you see the logo)
So I ended up using an imperfect version of it for the last six years.
Then I found Houdini and been honing my VEX skills following Mo at and feel it's coming about.
So much so I decided I'd approach the coloring using VEX.
And I felt the rush of success when after only 3 lines I managed to get the exact coloring I was originally trying to achieve.
I know this is not much, even nothing at all, and there may be other ways to go about it.
Nevertheless, I feel proud as hell about my microscopic achievement, and wanted to share this with you.
If anyone is interested in the actual “code” that achieved this, feel free to DM me.
Greetings fellow Houdinites!

Gamacubic_Square.png (510.3 KB)

Luis “Doc” Morales
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Congratulations!! Houdini is great about finding ways to achieve things and then building on each achievement for the next cool thing! I understand how you feel. A lot of my “microscopic achievement”s end up getting turned into tools that then get added to others.
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