Houdini Practice Hour "Coffee Cup" Tutorial Series

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Hello Houdini Beginners, The first module of my free “Houdini FX Practice Hour” project “CoffeeCup” is finished.
Over the course of 13 lessons, you will learn the basics of the Houdini Polygon Modeling tools and how to get into a procedural approach with selections, groups and a little bit of HScript.

You will learn how to work with UVs and build a workflow between Houdini and Substance Painter. We will render our scenes in Mantra. In two bonus lessons, we dive deeper into the Classic Material Workflow between Houdini and Substance Painter 2020 and the new UDIM based workflow. I hope, some of you find this useful.

Here is the full playlist:
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLp90cx0wSyKbb3jldZ43aRyHv-IrMyjCJ [www.youtube.com]

These lessons are meant as an addition to the other two Houdini Practice Hour projects (Banana and Toothbrush), so if you want to follow the complete learning path, you should begin with these. Have fun!

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