Trying to understand FEM MaterialP & UVW space

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I've been playing around with FEM lately and I'm trying to picture how the MaterialP and the UVW space is mapped to the position P values that I assign in wrangle nodes. So the most basic:
v@materialP = v@P;

This seems simple enough. But I can't picture the UVW mapping to the geometry.

What I currently understand, or think I understand:
I have tried to manipulated it in various ways to try to understand how it all affects the FEM simulation. I can only speculate that the UVW space is referring to the stress force that is being acted on the FEM object? And according to documentation, by setting materialW, U & V values will be inferred. I'm not sure how that works.

And when I assign something like:
v@materialW = set(-v@P.x, -v@P.y, -v@P.z);

It creates contraction effect, which makes sense to me, because all the vectors are pointing inward, since my object is centered at origin.

Can someone shine a light on how the FEM material UVW mapping looks like, something I can wrap my head around?
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