converting This entagma Vex to VOPS

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essentially i am trying to figure out vops by having it do this from a vex wrangle code snippet. I am completely stumped on how i would connect this Up. I am extremely amatuer but it doesnt seem that there is a node for a sample direction cone. I take it i need 3 bins vector dir, a float maxa and a vector2 u I am stumped what comes next. any help would be really appreciated i want to learn it so bad. on a side note i am learning vex as well as it does seem easier in the long run but id like to get my head around VOPs as well

vector dir = (1,1,0);
float maxa = radians(5.0);
vector2 u = rand(@Frame + 12345);

vector vel = sample_direction_cone(dir, maxa, u) * {8,8,8};

v@v= vel;
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Sample Sphere is the VOP you need. You can view its code via RMB -> Type Properties -> Code tab to see which option calls which VEX function.
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