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More robust Karma and GPU Karma – awesome….but why not make it available in the OBJ context like Mantra? I don't get why it's restricted to the Solaris context?
My guess is that Solaris(USD) will eventually become the only pipeline available in Houdini, it is pretty fast and efficient, and to me it makes no sense to support two different pipelines in the same application!
FAST??? Are you kidding me?
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SideFX is still maturing features in Karma, so, I wouldnt expect it to be fast at all - that's why its still in Beta.

Once they complete their initial feature pass, then I'd expect a tuning phase - where you'd get some speed gains in those features.

Which I fully expect, by that timeframe, there will be substantial GPU libraries they can adopt into Karma/LOPs to speedup LookDev.

But, I mean, Mantra is a killer engine, very flexible, and they (SideFX) have access to the Mantra source, so Karma will be a force in the 3D market once its ready to roll.

Having a engine in Houdini, that's free and supports many (if not all) of the Mantra feature set, but can also leverage the GPU as well, will be very competitive for SideFX in the DCC landscape.
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@TobiasSteiner This is a known issue which should not prevent you from logging in and using hkey as desired.

Can you give a bit more information Matt on how to do that and get it working please

I have a clean windows 10 and first app I have installed in Houdini 18.5.63 and 17.5.425 (project-related) and I get the same error message

I have tried the Side effects as my license server option as well and no luck ?

what is hkey ? how do I use it to get houdini working ?

all I get now is both versions of houdini as both send me to the license app and it's all green ticks and happy there but houdini still doesn't start
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