Houdini 18.0597 Wont Start After Splash Screen

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I am having trouble starting Houdini 18.0597. It wont start after the splash screen or logo screen and sometimes I will get a message stating:

ERROR: Couldn't open resource file ‘'resources’' (No such file ore directory).

Happens after deleting Houdini 18 folder from my documents.

I tried reaching out to the support team and they do not really have a solution for this. The only way I found to start using Houdini 18 is to stop updating Win10 and Nvidia driver. I had to roll back to an older version of Nvidia to have Houdini working.

The solutions I considered and did not work with me so far:

1- Starting Houdini as Administrator.
2- Deleting Houdini 18 folder from my documents.
3- Clean re-installation of Houdini 18.
4- Considering another production Build.
5- Considering another daily build.
6- Starting Houdini with Nvidia High GPU Performance.

The only option that works with me:

Rolling to an old version of Nvidia driver for GTX 1050 with Dell XP laptop with 32GB Ram.

If you encountered this issue before and you think that you have a solution, then please help!
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