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Does anyone have much experiece with exporting 3d models from Houdini for 3d printing?

I am making some Xmas decorations in Houdini to be printed as 3d models to be sold as a fundraiser for my daughter's school. The company requires “wrl” files. A bit of Googling revealed these to be zip files cantaining an .obj and a texture map.

I have baked out a texture map using the Labs Baker, (nice!), and zipped these two up and changed the extension to “wrl”, but the 3d printer people tell me it does not load. They can load the seperately provided .obj fine.

Has anyone had any experience with this? How do I tell my obj file that it is supposed to use the texture map? And does anyone know what kind of uv co-ords it requires (point, vertex)?

Sean Lewkiw
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Use .ply File ..I have done Long Time-ago files for 3d printing with Color..never Had problem with .ply
Send me a File if you have Problem
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