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Full Version: How to make an agent / crowd patrol through a set of points
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My workflow usually lives within Unity, but I'm trying to incorporate some of the same simulation procedures for testing architectural spaces that I would use in unity into Houdini…and the core of that is Agents. Houdini seems to do a great job of controlling crowds, but I've been trying for three straight days to get a set of agents to patrol from one point on a random terrain to another point, then another, etc. in sequence.

Does anyone have any tips? The farthest I've been able to get is a series of spheres, with centerponts projected onto a procedurally generated terrain, then one of those points are referenced with a pop seek in a popnet to control crowd movement. I've been able to set up a switch that will send the agents to a new point, but when I try to control the switch with a distance parameter (in such a way that when the agents get close enough to the destination, the switch changes to the next destination point), but I end up getting completely lost.

Does anyone have any advice?
Any tips?
It's been a while since using crowds, but maybe use the heading vector attribute will work? You could probably use a wrangle in the sim to test the distance to the target, then when close enough get a new target and update the heading attribute.
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