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Edmond BG
I currently have to use Cryptomatte to give my render to the compositing department and I have read the documentation here ( ans well as the one regarding user properties.
I managed to get it to work using packed geo and material style sheets, sadly my project does not allow it to pack my geo in a way that would allow it.

The documentation mentions per-primite render properties, just like the material path works but I cannot manage to get to work.
Any help appreciated.

Attached this post, a setup that works when packed using the material style sheet approach but does not when unpacked.
Edmond BG
With the help of the support I managed to make it work in Karma with ease. I am putting an example hip file for anyone interested.

I feel I came pretty close to doing it in mantra using the properties shader node but failed in the end. If anyone manage to do it in Mantra, do no hesitate to update this post, I would be extremely interested on the method.
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