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chxrvey99 [] — I am at class 7

I have previously posted about this regarding help and did manage to get further down the tutorial but not by much and I've been at a stand still for around a week now and I have tried to solve my issues!

The big difference so far is the POINTSOP as this has changed I had to use the orientallongcurve node. He uses the POINTSOP to create a tangent by adding edge force which I attempted to replicate using that node.

He then connect this into the POPVOP by using this script; op:'opfullpath(../../point1)' Whereas I use; op:'opfullpath(../../orientalcurve1)' as this is the node I attempted to create my tangent with.

The images below is the pipeline I have created where there I seem to be having the issue I will add a second thread with more information regarding the video/viewpoint perspective.

Any insight as to how I can resolve this would be appreciated.(PSA sorry for the constant posts about this)
This is the video viewpoint, I do believe its this what is causing the issue with the ‘add’ node within my POPSOP whats not creating the vacuum(making my points funnel upwards) as everything else works
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