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Full Version: UE4 Plugin extremely slow
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I'm using a complicated HDA with multiple heightfield scatter nodes.

When I open the debug HDA scene (preview HIP scene on ue4 plugin), it takes around 1.5 minutes to load and calculate every node completely.

However, on the unreal side it takes almost 20 minutes where Unreal Engine basically freezes.

I kept profiling the CPU and GPU and basically after initial node setup, unreal engine simply stops and CPU usage drops to 10%, HAPI keeps using minor CPU but that's about it.

It seems to me something is going wrong on data transfer between Houdini and UE4.

Has anyone had major slow down/UE freeze problems when working with large heightfields and lots of scatter nodes?

Keep in mind that my system has 12 cores/24 threads and 48gb with RTX 3070, as far as task manager is concerned none of the resources are at the limit while cooking.

When I change a single parameter it still take 20 minutes to reinput scattered foliage.
I've run into sample problem recently, have you managed to find what caused such freezes?
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