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I've been trying to find the best way to get loads of models with different materials with multiple Udims to Unreal without the need to manually set everything in Unreal.
USD was my first idea, but I could not yet get it to work, so I thought: let's just do this via Engine.
For this I used the principled shader and did a test with only 1 udim manually set to 1001, and that works. Yeah!
Now if I use %(UDIM)d it breaks.
I do not want to have to set a seperate material for every udim.

Is it possible to use Udims to transfer materials and textures to Unreal and what would be the best way?
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You could try scripting it using python inside the Unreal Editor. []
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a good solution to bringing in Materials with texures into Unreal would be a massive boost, I'm suprised that its not more widely tackled, its a simple enough manual task with a few assets but when you get into serious amount of textured materials it can kill the 'procedural thrill' of ambitious scenes
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