Instance node loses UVs

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I have an animated alembic loop that I am copying to points from a POPnet, but I want each copy to be slightly randomly offset time-wise. I would love to be able to do this with my original alembic (I'll be posting this question separately), but the only method I've found is Tim van Helsdingen's method ( that explicitly calls the cached frames, just adds an offset to the $F part of the path, and then uses the instance node to do the instancing, so I'm doing that having recached my .abc as a .bgeo sequence. The problem is that the instance node doesn't retrieve the UVs for the objects, and I haven't been able to find a way to get them to carry through.

How can I get the UVs to be seen in the instanced objects?

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Have you tried unpacking the abc file after load before instancing or recaching?
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without file its difficult to see what exactly you consider missing uv
instances whether directly through the s@instance, s@instancefile or through Packed Geos, Packed Prims, Packed Alembics, ... will point to the same original geo therefore should contain UVs if geo they point to does

you may not be able to see them in the uv editor if they are packed until you unpack/deinstance, however they should be bindable in the shader

as for the alembic time offset it's as easy as editing abcframe primitive intrinsic attribute and offsetting it per instance, just keep in mind that despite of the name this attribute expects value in seconds
alternatively you can also use Packed Disk Sequences and vary index intrinsic attribute
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