Weird noise in speaker seems to be from Houdini & GPU?????!!

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As the title suggests I seem to have this issue, when GPU (nVidia 3090) is doing stuff. For example moving viewport around.

Very strange, done alot of searching for help on Google to not much luck.

Posting here cos Houdini (possibly) seems to be part of the problem?

Am I going mad??!!!!

you didn't describe the noise but

that's normal see if you get the same noise in other programs (3dcoat viewport should be noisy as hell)

its coil whine, either from motherboard, GPU or PSU, you got unlocky, not sure if you can RMA this, I did and got a new more silent GPU card

in one case I saw the coil whine being persisent and noisier when there is not enough current to support the GPU, the PC may shut down immediately
its rare, probably just coil whine as mentioned above, lots of people don't bother with the noise, especially gamers who use headsets

try RMA the GPU, probably you won't get a new card (its tricky), you can also try change motherboard or PSU, if nothing helps its normal behavior and lots of people made peace with it
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So with help from my friend we discovered that the input grounding point on both KRKs had intermittent issues when the jack was not located in an exact location showing possible dry soldering points in the input stage.

Going to change out input sockets another day when possible.
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