Echo messages from the Nuke RPC server back to Hou/PilotPDG

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print() is echoing data to a log file in houdini temp, but is it possible to get 'live' feedback from nuke from within houdini as we are executing commands in nuke?

Is it possible to do the following in a TOPs nukeserver command chain:

- nukeserver command chain begins
- tell nuke to do some stuff
- print some command from nuke back to houdini so that we get some feedback in the shell that launched houdini


# render 1 at a time so we can still RPC
for x in range (first_frame, last_frame+1):
    nuke.execute(write_node, x, x)
    ## we would want the following to echo back to the terminal
    print ('Rendering %s frame %s' % (write_node['file'].value() , str(x))) 
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I haven't tried nuke command chain but I am working on maya command chain. For Maya and probably with an old syntax, it's reportResultData(data,datatype) []
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