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Can I get some information about how the Bake Per Piece Using Name option under Advanced works?

By its name it might be something I could use, but I can't find any documentation about how it works.

Did you found out how to use it?
I am trying to get it to work, but it doesn't seem to work.
Your high and lowpoly need to share a name attribute. It will then function as a mask so to speak.

Imagine if you have a metal panel with screws in it. (In both your high and low).

To get a clean bake, you would want the lowpoly screws to only sample from the matching highpoly screws, and not the (intersecting) panel. To get proper results you would therefore add matching name attributes on both the high and low and turn on that toggle.
Thanks for the explanation, I had my name attributes assigned wrong.
It works now!
Hi - I'm having a bit of difficulty with these name attributes.

I've attached an example file with section of my nodes.

The issues are
1) The maps_baker regularly crashes with a segmentation fault. I've followed the advice here [] and here []. I also ran a memory test using MemTest and it came back clear.
2) The "Bake Per Piece Using Name" attribute only appears to work for the 'body' name. It ignores the other.

Any help would be appreciated.
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