VAT RBD Alignment Issue

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ok, so...
I'm working on a helicopter crash simulation. The fuselage and rotor blades get all deformed and mangled so i'm using the Soft Body Dynamics version of VAT and that part is working beautifully. For all the rigid pieces, I'm using the Rigid-Body Dynamics version of VAT and it is working pretty well but not perfect. The pieces come in and seem to move properly over time, but they come in at the wrong orientation. In the image, you can see that in Houdini the pieces are at an angle but when the get to UE they are in the right position but the rotation is wrong, it's aligned to the grid. I gather that this is because I fractured the helicopter when it was aligned to the grid, but the first frame of my sim is NOT aligned to the grid. Again, the result in Houdini looks correct (the result i'm piping into VAT) so I would expect it to work in UE as well. The geo spreadsheet image here is of my DOP Import node on the first frame, the orientation looks to be straight up. Does anyone have any experience or insights into this?
Thank you!

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