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Full Version: Unreal Live Link and Houdini 19
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Hi all,

I know Houdini 19 has _just_ come out but I'm very keen to use it on a project I'm setting up! We will be doing animation in Houdini with KineFX and the updates in H19 are essential.

I want to be able to make use of the live link tool for Unreal, since we'll be doing mocap (either xsens or rokoko). Blend shape support would also be a BIG plus

End goal is to create animation (with Houdini/KineFX) for use in an Unreal real-time project.

Using Unreal 4.27

At the moment however the HDA tools doesn't seem to work with H19, just get a python trackback error when trying to start the server []

Wondering if this is on the cards for near-future or if beta access is available somewhere?

Hi!! We are in a similar situation! How did you make it work?

Thanks in advace!
Yes this is all working but only with this specific release on github []
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