Houdini Terrain Vertex Color in Unreal

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I have created a heightfield terrain in Houdini, which I exported as an HDA for use in Unreal Engine 4.27. I have various masks on the terrain in Houdini, which are being used in Unreal for materials blending.

How can I paint vertex colors on the terrain? The Unreal Mesh Paint tool does not seem to work on the hda terrain in Unreal. Painting in Unreal would be idea, but as a backup if there is a way to paint it in Houdini, on the hda and have Unreal read it as vertex color that would work as well.

I need to paint RGB and not just a single color mask.

Thank you,

Adnan Hussain
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Rob Chapman
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holy moly I can answer this! was looking into getting vertex colors to actually read in Unreal from an exported FBX and came across this. Answer better late than never, and for the next artist along, its because a Houdini heightfield is not actual geometry yet. its some kind of pseudo volume / bitmap layer . to paint actual vertex colors you need actual vertices , so simply convert heightfield to polygon and paint away...
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