get smoothing_group info from Unreal to Houdini via HDA

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How can I get smoothing group info from Unreal into a Houdini HDA? I see many unreal_material_paramter_* attributes in Houdini, but not the unreal_face_smoothing_mask attribute listed here: Your text to link here... []

Is there something special I have to do in Unreal to make the data come through? I am processing models from Unreal in an HDA and then bringing them back into Unreal. It's not enough to set a cusp angle on a Houdini normal node. I need to reproduce what is in Unreal already. This is for VAT RBD stuff, so when the original mesh is swapped for the RBD mesh the different normals are instantly a problem.

I don't have any smoothing group info. It would be fun to figure out a way to recreate the vertex splitting that UE does in the HDA so I can output geo that looks like the original, but for now the normal node will have to do.
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