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Hi im newish to Houdini and am trying to get two solvers to interact with one and other.


I have two examples in the attached file one a DOP network and one SOP level using rbdbulletsolver and vellumsolver.

"DOP_SIM": I can get interaction between the velum and the RBD but the RBD fracture happens @ frame 1 rather than when it hits the ground. it must be coliding with the velum?.

"RBD_EXT_SIM" again I can get these two to interact but the rbdconfigure node does not allow the vellum object merge to defroem anf remains a solid "convex bounds" collition. any advice would be greatly recieved.

What im tryign to achieve is a falling glass box full of coloured balls that shatteres on the ground releasing the balls witht he balls pushing the shards and the shards arresting some balls. so a 2 way interaction.

thank you in advance.

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