So i'm fascinated by the unreal engine 5 in terms of beauty and speed. And although the karma render development is at full speed, i think i see myself (in motion graphics) much rather use the unreal engine for now, as it is lightning fast, and i think it gives a lot more flexibility in terms of auditioning different looks and renders which eventually would give me better end results.

I just don't have any experience with unreal. Currently i'm stumbling around on the internet, looking for information/tutorials using unreal with houdini, more specifically, for motion graphic designers like me. but most of the tutorials are pretty much aimed to game developers.

In my ideal world i would just have an unreal viewport inside houdini, maybe even in the stage level, where i can place different lights on different merges with eventually an unreal render node.

I'm not shy of learning new software, but is there any guidance somewhere on the internet which comes a little bit close to a one click solution from a motion graphic designer point of view?