Vellum Cloth: Losing Vellum Weld Ability

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I am working in a vellum cloth sim for a geo of pant and shirt. I welded some of the pants points with the shirt to close the gap in between and the results were nice after the sim. However, in order to restore UV from the original geo, I had to place point deform node after vellum, but I do not see the weld between the shirt and pant coming up. There's a huge gape between the shirt and pant geo that I am not able to close now. Is there workaround for this ? Appreciate any ideas or advice.
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It's hard to see what you did after the sim or why you assume you "had to" do it that way as you said
But it may be helpful to see a hip file even if with simplified case

If your simmed pants and shirt have the same topology as the ones you are pointdeforming you can probably just copy the uvs
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