Recreating a complex texture/shader system in Houdini

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I started this project to roughly replicate the Richard Yot Shader Tree Fundamentals Tutorial: [] to see how difficult it would be to replace a layer based shading system with Houdini's nodes. For this, I resisted the easier way of just using Substance Painter to replicate how Modo's shader system works, so that I could develop more skills in some of the mathematics behind Modo material nodes. This is on the Work in Progress section, as it is not complete and I still have more to learn about the material nodal system.

Unfortunately, the only way to get the texture files from the tutorial is to purchase the tutorial, which would not be of great value for people not using Modo. But I recreated the model myself in Houdini(see zip attached) and started the process. There are some difficulties with the node based system in Houdini: specifically the inability to see a layer mix shader in the viewport and some strangeness in how normal, bump, and displacement maps get connected. I haven't worked out all the issues yet with this. I still have to add some dirt maps to the dials and metal parts, but the render is attached.
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