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Hey folks -

I'm trying to export a skeletal mesh from Unreal, bring it into Houdini, modify the mesh, export an FBX, and read it back into Unreal.

Not having much luck. Even importing a skeletal mesh and immediately exporting it again doesn't work. Why? Because -- among other things -- Houdini effectively changes the skeleton structure and pathnames.

Seems like a real basic functional test should be confirming an unmodified round-trip between platforms. No such luck.

Is there an established workflow for this? I've seen some videos, but they're not using real rigs -- just the UE mannequin.

Alternatively, is there a way to control FBX pathname generation? It includes the entire Houdini object hierarchy. So, if I have a skeleton called, "Foo", I get "Foo/root/..." That's incorrect -- the Foo shouldn't be on there. The root of the path should be original root bone name you imported. I understand where it's coming from in Houdini; but it's not workable. I'd need an object with no name for this to work.

Anyone done this successfully?

Would love to get some eyes on this, as I'm in the same situation, just with Unity instead of Unreal
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