Cannot get Engine working in Maya on Mac

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I have the Houdini Engine plugin installed and working within Maya 2022.1, but when I try to load an Asset that was created with Houdini Indie, I always get `Error: HAPI Error: No Valid Licenses Found`.

I've tried the various connection modes, from named pipe to socket, but nothing seems to work.

I have an idle Houdini Engine Indie license showing as available in my license manager. I'm using macOS 12.2.1 and Houdini Indie 19.0.531.

If I manually click on the toolbar buttons, first the 'autostart named pipe', then 'load the Houdini engine plugin', I do see this in the console output:

optionVar -iv "houdiniEngineSessionType" 2;
optionVar -iv "houdiniEngineSessionPipeCustom" 0;
if(!`pluginInfo -query -loaded houdiniEngine`)
loadPlugin houdiniEngine;
// Automatically starting Houdini Engine server using named pipe. //
// Automatically started Houdini Engine server using named pipe at "/var/folders/m2/_mnfy3q122sfzfnc_qhdkp180000gn/T//houdini_temp/hapi11775". //
// Connected to Houdini Engine server using named pipe at "/var/folders/m2/_mnfy3q122sfzfnc_qhdkp180000gn/T//houdini_temp/hapi11775". //
// Houdini Engine initialized successfully. //
// Houdini version: 19.0.531 //
// Houdini Engine version: 4.2 (API: 10) //
// Result: houdiniEngine //

But then when I try to load my .hdalc file, I get same license error.

Anything diagnostics I can do or settings I should try? Thanks.
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Hi Paul,

Please open $HFS/houdini/hserver.optFind
# logFile = ""
and change it to:
logFile = "/tmp/hserver.log"
(I.e. Remove the # and change the file path)

Now, open the Houdini Terminal by going to Applications>Houdini19.0.531>Utilities>Houdini Terminal 19.0.531
In the terminal, restart hserver by running: hserver -q; hserver
Now, open Maya and try to place down your HDA. There should now be a hserver.log file in /tmp. Please attach that there.
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Note that $HFS on the Mac is


not sure editing that file there is correct, but in any case...

I found it anyway, the log ended up going into /tmp/houdini_temp/hserver.log.

When I try to add the HDA, I get the following error:

[2022-02-22 11:56:58] Manager - Unable to determine a list of licenses to try.
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